10 Tips for Healthy Winter Skin

We welcome cozy fires, warm socks, and hot cocoa. We are, however, less enthused about the havoc that winter can wreak on our skin. This winter keep your skin soft and glowing with these 10 tips that will help you get through these winter months with flawless skin. 
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How can a proper sleep schedule keep my skin looking younger?

Whenever you don’t get a good night’s rest you can probably notice the effects on your skin; dark circles, dull skin, and maybe even a few breakouts. “Beauty sleep” isn’t just a term, it is actually an important factor in keeping your skin healthy and looking good. In order to have your skin looking good you must do more than just have a proper skin care routine, you also need a proper sleeping schedule. If you don’t get enough sleep you will definitely see the consequences on your face.

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What my skincare routine should look like?

Amazing skin is not only a matter of genetics. Your daily skincare routine, your habits, lifestyle, diet, sleeping schedule – everything has an impact on what you see in the mirror. A lot of modern doctors and dermatologists have conflicting views on what a regular skincare routine should look like, but it is important to remember that carrying for your skin is simply personal.

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Why do I need to use Sunscreen in the Winter?

As temperatures get cooler and the days get shorter, it may surprise some that the need for Sun Protection does not decrease. For individuals who are active in outdoor Winter activities, Ultraviolet Light becomes an even bigger issue as the Sun’s rays reflect upwards off of ice and snow, giving a “double-dose” of UV exposure in the same time frame. Adequate eye protection also becomes a necessity as the source of incoming light shifts from “top-down” only to “bottom-up”, as well. Don’t forget your sunglasses in your Beach Bag!

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Why should I use different skincare products in Fall and Winter?

It is quite common to experience changes in our skin as temperature and humidity drop in the Autumn season.

Colder temperatures constrict the pores and tighten the skin, restricting the flow of “natural moisture” to the surface of the skin. Even Oily Skin can feel dry and taut from a lack of moisture (water) in the tissue.

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