Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy  - updated November 10, 2017

What type of information do we collect?
We collect the usual Contact Information like your Name, Street and/or Shipping Address, Email Address, and Telephone Number when you register on our site.

We also have questionnaires that we ask you to fill out to get a better understanding of your needs and interests.

Why do we collect this kind of information?
We collect this information to assist us in processing your orders in a timely and accurate fashion (we also email Tracking Information when your Order is shipped), as well as to help us in providing a better experience when using our site.

If you subscribe to our email program, we can send you the occasional Newsletter, New Product Information and Special Offers which, at various times, will only be available to our Online Subscribers. We will provide you with links whereby you can subscribe to/unsubscribe from receiving emails from our Company, both during the Order Process and in each email message. You are under no obligation to receive emails from us; the choice is always yours. We do not share your information with other parties. It is for internal use only.

Cookies and why we use them
As you may know, all websites use “cookies”, or, very small files which monitor the manner in which individuals access and navigate the site. Once you agree to the cookie being placed on your computer, it monitors how the site is used, which pages are used most, preferences, frequency, etc. This information is gathered for analytical purposes only and once the statistical data is collected, the files are removed from our system.

Cookies, at no time whatsoever, grant us access to your computer. We cannot access your personal information. We can only access information that you have shared with us by uploading it to your Profile. You can change your Web Browser settings to decline, accept, or prompt you before placing cookies on your computer.

Declining cookies may prevent some of the website features from displaying in the manner they were intended to or deny access to certain areas of the website. Please check your browser settings if you are unsure of how cookies are handled when visiting various websites.