For stressed skin due to pollution (air, solar, domestic and digital blue light) and lack of oxygen to protect and prevent premature signs of aging.  Based on two key elements, CITOKINES and OXYGEN, it adapts to the skin's needs and defence against urban life factors that harm your skin.

The Basics

We recommend the Comfort and youthfulness Cleansing Milk, the 365 Soft Scrub Facial Cleansing Exfoliating Foam, the Comfort and Youthfulness Toning Lotion and the Pollution Defense Youthfulness Activating Oxygenating Cream (for dry skin) or Emulsion (for normal with oiliness)


  1. To protect and add volume to your lips, add on the Ultra-Correction Care Lips and Contour.
  2. To protect and correct under eye concerns, add the Pollution Defense Youthfulness Activating Oxygenating Eye Contour.
  3. For a deeper exfoliation treatment when you don't use the 365 Soft Scrub, add on the Silky Scrub Delicate Exfoliating Powder.
  4. For a weekly intensive treatment, add on the Essential Youthfulness Intensive Maks