The first step to achieve beautiful skin is deep cleansing, balancing and promoting skin renewal.  Our Options Universe Collection offer a variety of formulas that purify, oxygenate and prepare the skin for the next step in your skincare routine.

The Basics

Chose one of six makeup removal products best suited for your skin, either the Essential Toning Lotion or the Balancing Purifying Lotion and the Exfoliating Scrub.


  1. To decrease inflammation and add soothing hydration after any vigorous treatments, add the Aloe Vera Hydro-Gel
  2. For rapid results to improve signs of fatigue and fine lines and wrinkles, add the Flash Lift Immediate Action Tautening Serum
  3. For rapid skin treatments, add any of the Options Universe Serum
  4. For Intensive treatment for stressed damaged skin, add any of the Options Universe Custom Mask